Therme Bucharest:

Our team believes in providing imaginative yet multifaceted solutions for our clients. Therme Bucharest, a wellness, relaxation and entertainment center based near Bucharest in Balotesti, Romania is one of our most active clients. For the last three years, the creative teams at Re3volution Designs have been working tirelessly with Therme Bucharest to provide them with all the design based solutions they require.

The teams at Re3volution Designs were brought in to collaborate with Therme Bucharest for their initial Logo Designs and Branding. Our relentless creative work persuaded the team at Therme Bucharest to hire us additionally for collaboration on the Logo Designs for all sub brands associated with Therme Bucharest. In addition to this, Revolution Designs is also involved in creating the Visual Presentations for this client. Our proudest venture working with them however has been providing the Interior Design support for the theme park.