Rumble Roller:

Rumble Roller is a US based manufacturer of fitness and health products which prides itself on providing efficient fitness solutions to their customers. Similarly Re3volution Designs prides itself on providing unique and tailor-made creative solutions to their customers. This is the foremost reason why the two year collaboration between Rumble Roller and Re3volution Designs has been a successful one.

Rumble Roller initially engaged Re3volution Designs to work on their Logo Design, Corporate ID Design, Brand Book Design and all designs for Branding. This collaboration grew further when the client saw the potential height their brand could achieve by working with Rev3volution Design. Since then, our creative team has been responsible for creatively designing all Promotional Items for the brand. The various collaterals for the product exhibitions held by Rumble Roller are all designed by our creative team. All merchandising used by the company is designed by Re3volution Designs after extensive research. Most importantly, Re3volution Designs is responsible for designing all Product Packaging collaterals used by the brand. Since packaging is the first point of contact a consumer has with the brand, we at Re3volution Designs believe in only creating the most versatile options for this brand.